Troubleshooting Tips for your Septic System

If you have a septic system, it’s important to watch for signs of trouble. Here are some hints for troubleshooting some of the issues that may arise with your system.

• When water backs up in a sink or tub or toilet, there might simply be a blockage in the pipe. A single clogged drain isn’t anything to panic about. This can be easily taken care of with a plunger or small amount of drain cleaner. However, if all your sinks, tubs, or showers are draining slowly, you may have a damaged pipe, or your septic tank may be clogged.
• If you have standing water in your yard and it hasn’t rained for a while, your drain field may not be functioning properly. There could be a crushed or clogged pipe causing water to back up.
• Take precaution if you notice odors in your yard or home. Odors in your yard could be a sign that your drain field may be damaged. Any odors that come from the inside of your house could be an early sign of a sewage backup. Do not ignore sewer smells in your house as a sewage backup could cause serious water damage and cost thousands of dollars to clean up!
• Aerobic units, those adapted for home or small business use for flows up to 5,000 gallons per day, have two alarms. One alarm is for the air pump, and one is for the irrigation pump. If the alarm sounds, first mute it and check the dlectrical breakers. Then check the air pump to make sure it is running. Once confirmed the breaker is fine and the air pump is working properly, check the small hose going from the air pump to the electrical box for holes. The next step is to check the pump in the pump tank. If the water level is at the mid-point or higher, your pump is not working properly. You can also turn the power off and check the wiring for any signs of breakage.
• Any odor in the irrigation spray is probably due to your air line being broken or the filter in the air pump clogged thus restricting the correct amount of airflow.

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