Improvements with High Returns

When you invest money into the stock market or mutual funds, your goal is to make a return on your investment. This same concept should also be used for home improvement projects. Whether you’re looking to update your home strictly for your enjoyment or trying to prepare it to sell, make sure to choose the updates that will add value to your home and not simply cost you more money with nothing in return.

The most common home improvement projects with the highest return are ones that visually change the look of your home. A fresh coat of paint both inside and outside can really give your home an updated look without a big hit to your bank account. Additionally, spending money on landscaping almost always provides a large return on your investment. You can purchase sod to give your yard an instant improvement. Then add a few colorful flowers and a charming focal point like a walkway or fountain to give your home added curb appeal.

Minor kitchen and bath remodels will cost more out of pocket, but they can provide a great return on your investment. Sanding and painting existing cabinets and updating the walls with a fresh coat of paint is one way to give your kitchen or bath a quick facelift. You can change out cabinet hardware and faucets for a simple updated look. The same goes for light fixtures. Adding recessed can lights and/or updating current light fixtures can make these rooms brighter and more appealing. Add new flooring, replace countertops, and possibly upgrade to energy efficient appliances in the kitchen and you have yourself a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom.

An upgrade that many don’t even think about is replacing vinyl siding on your home for stone veneer. This will be a big aesthetic improvement that will provide a large return on your investment.

It’s easy to get carried away with home improvement projects. This is how a minor remodel ends up turning into a major one, which doesn’t always provide a major return on your investment. The biggest thing to remember is to know your budget and stick to it.