Care for Your Concrete Floors

We absolutely love stained concrete floors. They are such a stylish choice for indoor floors, and there are so many choices from colors and textures to finishes and decorative overlays giving you the opportunity to have a floor like no other! The best part is they are durable and incredibly easy to clean. Here are a few things you need to know about caring for stained concrete to keep your floors looking amazing for a very long time.

Most often, you just need to use a dry dust mop even a damp mop to get rid of any dirt or grime on your floors. This is the least abrasive thing you can do. Those of you with children or pets, however, know that there are just things that sometimes not even a damp mop can tackle. For those harder to clean items, you can use a couple drops of Dawn dish soap in your mop water. The Dawn is gentle enough to keep from harming your floors, but it has the germ and grease fighting capabilities to give you peace of mind that your floors are clean. Another great item to have is a steam mop. As long as you stick with water, your steam mop can disinfect your floors without any worries.

There are a few things you DO NOT want on your stained concrete floors. There are so many products that are great for cleaning other places around your home, but make sure you don't use any product on your floor that contains ammonia. Ammonia can leave a film on your stained concrete floors, and it can even strip the sealer and ruin your floors. The same goes for any colored cleaners. Those cleaners with a yellow tint to them will actually end up yellowing your floors in time. There are also those who will tell you that vinegar is great for cleaning floors. It's been our experience, however, that vinegar will also strip the sealer thus potentially harming your beautiful floors.

It's also a good idea to have rugs or some type of floor covering near sinks and stoves as that is usually where the biggest enemies of stained concrete floors tend to be. Grease can be your worst nightmare followed closely by eggs, wine, and carbonated soft drinks. If any of these items find their way onto your floor, take immediate action to clean the spill so that they don't penetrate the sealer.

Lastly, try to avoid using anything with an adhesive on your stained concrete floors. The adhesive can be just as abrasive to the seal as the other items mentioned above. Because your floors will last for so long, you may find yourself in a situation where you are repainting walls and/or baseboards in your home. If you do, make sure you only use the blue Painter's Tape and remove it immediately when you have finished painting.

In the end, stained concrete floors are always a great choice. They are cost effective, durable, versatile, and when you take care of them properly, they will last an incredibly long time.