Advice to Ignore

We’ve all received advice on how we could make things better in our home. Sometimes it’s advice on how to clean, and sometimes it’s advice on things much bigger such as renovations. Unfortunately, it’s not all good advice. Here are five pieces of advice that you should NEVER listen to!

  1. Your granite (or marble or limestone) countertops are virtually indestructible. WRONG! They are strong, but not indestructible. Marble is especially fragile and very porous making it susceptible to liquids sinking into their surfaces. (Think red wine or purple Kool-Aid on your countertops…forever.) You must be quick to clean those spills to keep the liquids from forever changing that beautiful countertop you love so much. Additionally, all rocks will break if hit hard enough. Be careful with heavy objects landing near edges on any of your countertops to avoid chips and scratches. Also, be aware of acidic liquids and foods which can stain or cause etching, or dullness, on your stone countertops.
  2. Clean your garbage disposal with lemons. Wrong again! While it does make your garbage disposal smell clean, the acid from the lemons can corrode the metal parts of your disposal. If you’ve been told that coffee grounds are the next best thing, think again. They may be great at getting the gunk off the blades without causing corrosion, but they can accumulate in your pipes causing them to clog. The best cleaner you can use is the age-old cleaner many of us know – baking soda. Your bank account, and your septic tank if you have one, will thank you!
  3. A trendy kitchen remodel will increase the value of my home. Be careful here! How many of us remember the avocado green and mustard yellow kitchen appliances from the 50’s? Exactly. Trends are just that…trends. They will eventually go out of style. The easiest way to have a trendy remodel without breaking the bank is to use trendy paint colors. Then select the timeless updates like shaker cabinets, subway tile, and wood floors which, by the way, have never gone out of style.
  4. Paint hides everything. No, it doesn’t. If there are any dings in the drywall, any signs of mold, or any termite damage, you’ll need to fix the problem before painting over it. Otherwise, it’s like using gum to plug a hole in a dam. The problem will still be there and could get worse if not addressed.
  5. Wallpaper works anywhere. No, wallpaper does not work anywhere. Wallpaper is one of those trends that has come and gone and come back again. When used in the right space, it can give a room the perfect touch. However, be careful where you put the wallpaper. If used in the wrong room, it may be prone to fading or condensation. Also, try to pick a style you think you’ll love for years to come. Because once you’ve put in the work to get your wallpaper in the perfect spot, you won’t be looking forward to removing it and replacing it anytime soon.