How To Buy Land And Build A House In Kingsland

How To Buy Land And Build A House 

There aren’t many things more satisfying than having the freedom to build and design a brand new home on your very own plot of land. But the process can also be filled with uncertainties and anxieties for homeowners. Many are overwhelmed just thinking about the process. In this post, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about building on your own land, focusing especially on questions you might have about your lot such as, “Is 1 acre of land enough to build a house?”, “Should I buy land now and build later?”, “Is buying land and building a good investment?”

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Our Guide To Buying Land And Building A House

How do I know if the land is buildable?

This is the first, possibly most important question to ask about building a custom home on any lot. If the land isn’t buildable, then it will be necessary to find a different lot for your dream home. So, how do you avoid the disappointment of finding out that your dream land cannot be the spot for your dream home?

Before you buy any land to build on, pay a visit to the county planning & zoning office to ask about any zoning laws that might not allow you to build there. You’ll also need to research what kinds of buildings can be constructed, where a home can be built on the property, and if the property has any issues that might limit the amount of space you can build on. Each lot will have design parameters due to the slope and orientation to views and/or other homes. Within those allowed parameters, we start to incorporate your priorities. Before we start this process, we will analyze the lot to let you know if what you want is feasible.

Some important questions to answer when selecting a lot for your build are as follows:

How does the water drain from the property?

Some properties dry quickly, while others stay wet most of the year. It is important to know this upfront to fix any poor drainage around buildings that can cause permanent damage and mold.

What’s going on with the surrounding properties? 

It’s a good idea to be in the know of what’s happening on the land near you and getting to know your neighbors. Are properties near you in the process of development? Have there been environmental issues or hazards with your neighbors? This will help you get an idea of what to expect from your own land.

What type of land do you build on?

The best part of being a custom home builder is that we build your home on the location of your choice. The location is up to you, in a rural setting, on a family farm, on a lake, in a development--- wherever you choose. Whether you currently own a site, are in the process of narrowing down your options or are just getting started – we can help you!

Is it important to have a drone aerial view?

Gathering preliminary surveillance before starting the project is helpful. Getting an aerial view allows us to see the land from a different angle and assists us in gathering additional information to determine elevations, provide additional perspectives of potential designs, gain insight into how the water drains from the property and more. 

What if utilities are not available on my property?

We handle securing the utilities to your land, such as water, natural gas and electricity, and coordinate.

How do we get started?

You’re already off to a great start by doing the homework that landed you here. The easiest and most convenient next step is to click our “Schedule Your Idea Session" button on the side of this page. We are looking forward to talking with you so we can learn more about your hopes, priorities, and vision for your custom home build.

For more answers to commonly asked questions about building on your own lot, download our free guide. In it we answer all of the above questions and more. We can take the guesswork out of building the home you are dreaming of, and ensure that your homebuilding process is a 5-Star Experience from beginning to end.

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FAQs - Building On A Lot In Kingsland

What are the questions you should know before building on your own plot of land? Here we detail what every land owner should know - everything from zoning, environmental, and water drainage to other factors unique to this type of purchase and more.

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